Salmon DNA Biostimulator is an advanced bio-stimulator that contains purified and natural polynucleotides.

This treatment helps to enhance the volume of the face and provides effective skin rejuvenation as well as deep hydration. In addition, it acts as a skin healer as it stimulates fibroblasts and growth factors. And so, it fights fine lines and wrinkles and improves the skin quality from within.

Furthermore, Salmon DNA Biostimulator restores the extracellular matrix by activating the skin’s self-regenerating abilities while improving the overall skin condition.

Unlike other injectables, Salmon DNA Biostimulator is neither a filler nor a muscle-relaxing agent. This innovative treatment helps rejuvenate the skin from within and is highly efficacious in treating external injuries caused by UV and other damages caused by oxidative stress.

In short, this is a new skin booster and skin healer you will truly love!

The effect of Salmon DNA Biostimulator is achieved through its active ingredient, which provides a triple action on the skin:

1) Lifting

By stimulating fibroblast receptors in the skin, Salmon DNA Biostimulator enhances the production of type I collagen and elastin, resulting in skin thickening and lifting.

2) Antioxidant

Salmon DNA Biostimulator acts as an antioxidant by scavenging free radicals, protecting the skin from oxidative stress damage caused by factors like pollution, sun exposure, smoking, and poor diet.

3) Hydration

 The presence of Polynucleotides enables Salmon DNA Biostimulator to effectively bind water, providing deep hydration to the skin and leaving it moisturized and supple.

Salmon DNA Biostimulator is suitable for all skin types and all ages:

  • Visible rejuvenating effect without affecting facial features;
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and creases;
  • Firms the skin;
  • Betters loose skin with poor circulation;
  • Enhances skin tension;
  • Rehydrates skin;
  • Diminishes oxidative stress;
  • Improves stretch marks & Scars;
  • Beneficial for those who want more firming, contouring, and definition;
  • Anti-ageing: Bio-stimulation and increase in collagen type 1.


  • Light bruising may occur;
  • Possible slight swelling in the injection area;
  • No other side effects have been reported.
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