Non-Surgical Nose Enhancement Singapore

Signature Non-Surgical Nose Enhancement Projected, Slim-cut, Tall Nose bridge 

Our signature non-surgical nose enhancement offers options for achieving a projected, slim-cut, and tall nose bridge. These options include:

  1. Dermal Fillers:

For this procedure, we use a high G-primed gel-like substance capable of providing long-lasting results. The preferred fillers, “Teoxane UltraDeep” or “Restylane Lyft,” are chosen to prevent any future widening or over-expansion of the nose bridge. The gel is naturally absorbed back into the body after 6-8 months.

  1. ABSORBABLE PDO Threads:

Using approved PDO threads ensures a safe and natural improvement in a short amount of time, without the need for general anesthesia, hospitalization, or a lengthy recovery period. We use Y-KO threads for this treatment, with 6-10 threads typically inserted under local anesthesia. These threads dissolve naturally within 6-8 months through collagen stimulation. The entire procedure usually takes about 10-15 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it painful?

We take measures to minimize discomfort or pain during the procedure. Numbing cream is applied to the treated area beforehand, and most dermal fillers also contain a local anesthetic solution.

  • What can I expect after the procedure? Is there any downtime?

Following the procedure, you can expect minimal downtime, such as slight redness or bruising. You can resume your daily activities without any significant interruption. Any swelling usually subsides within 3-7 days.

  • Do I need to avoid anything after the procedure?


After the procedure, we recommend avoiding certain activities for optimal results and faster recovery:

– Avoid exercising for one week.

– Refrain from consuming alcohol, Chinese traditional medications, and vitamins for one week.

– Avoid applying makeup on the same day as the procedure.

– Refrain from facial or face massages for one month.