Growth Factor Infusion


The VIORA INFUSION device offers an anti-aging firming dermal regeneration solution without the need for needles. It delivers GROWTH FACTOR into the skin through a non-invasive, trans-dermal delivery method. This helps improve skin hydration, firmness, and elasticity while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment is safe and effective, resulting in revitalized and refreshed skin with visible results.

The technology behind VIORA INFUSION is Ionwave™ Technology, which is based on the principle of Electroporation. When the electro current comes into contact with the cell, it induces structural rearrangement of the lipid bi-layer, creating openings in the cell membrane. 

This proprietary algorithm ensures a balanced frequency, exposure time, and impedance, safeguarding the cells’ viability and health. The treatment provides better and deeper penetration of the growth factor into the skin, promoting its rejuvenation.

VIORA INFUSION treatments can be combined with other medical aesthetic procedures, such as post-laser therapy, to enhance overall results and address various skin concerns effectively.

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