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ACNE – Say No to Acne and Scars! Chase after them and treat it!

Acne, pimples, and acne scars are common skin conditions that occur when hair follicles become clogged with dead skin cells and oil.

This results in blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, oily skin, and the potential for scarring. These issues typically affect areas with a higher number of oil glands, such as the face, upper chest, and back. 

Often, people may attempt to squeeze spots and blemishes to improve their appearance, but this can worsen inflammation and may even lead to permanent scars. 

Dealing with acne and its scars can be distressing and have psychological effects on individuals. Fortunately, there are now long-term solutions available for managing and treating these skin concerns.

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Signature Fotona Laser

Utilizing Long Pulsed ND:YAG/ERB:YAG, offers several advantages for acne treatment:

  1. Fast and Convenient: 

The procedure is quick and convenient, allowing for efficient treatment sessions.

  1. May Not Need Medication:

In some cases, laser therapy can be used as an alternative to medication for acne management.

  1. Long-Lasting Results: 

The results of the laser treatment can be long-lasting, providing relief from acne and its effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many sessions are needed, and how frequently should they be done?

For optimal results, it is recommended to have as many sessions as possible, ideally twice a week, until acne is significantly reduced (>90%). After that, a maintenance session once a month can help sustain the results.

  1. Is there any downtime after the procedure?

There may be slight redness after the procedure. It is advisable to use sunblock SPF 50 and apply more moisturizer, as laser therapy can cause dryness in the skin.

  1. Are there any side effects?

When performed correctly and safely, there should be no side effects like blisters.

  1. Is the procedure painful?

During the procedure, you may feel the heat from the laser, but overall, it is bearable, and cooling techniques can be used for comfort.

SXT Carbon Laser 3 Steps Peel treatment is a laser procedure that uses a carbon layer as a photo-enhancer to improve oily inflamed acne skin, skin’s radiance and promotes a smooth and glowing complexion.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does it work?
Before performing the laser treatment, a layer of carbon lotion is applied on the entire face and allowed to dry over a few minutes. During the procedure, laser light is shot on the skin and is absorbed by the carbon lotion. Multiple tiny explosions of carbon particles release heat on the epidermal layer of skin, exfoliating the skin and removing any debris in the pores. 

2. How many sessions do I need to do? How frequent in between sessions?
You will see results after each sessions, but usually I would recommend to do 6-8 sessions for more prominent results, and interval in between has to be 1-2 weeks apart.

3. Any downtime after this procedure?
There is no downtime redness or pain with this laser therapy alone. I would recommend you to use sunblock SPF 50 and to apply more moisturiser, as laser therapy can be dry to skin. 

4. Any side effects?
So long that it is being done correctly and safely, you will have no side effects like blisters. Rarely, you may get mild heat rash if your skin is very sensitive. 

5. Is this procedure painful?
There is no pain at all for this procedure.

Alternative option for ORAL MEDICATIONS 

  • Isotretinoin
  • Antibiotics
  • Oral contraceptive pills

Developments in laser technology now offer a breakthrough in the treatment of active acne and acne scarring. The laser penetrates the skin without causing any injury and thermally affects the sebaceous glands, which are often responsible for causing acne. For mild to moderate acne, a single treatment is sufficient to suppress acne for up to three months or even longer. For severe acne, more frequent treatments are required and continuous improvement is seen over the following months

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